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The Fobos token is a means of financing the development of the Fobos platform. The owners of the Fobos token become direct shareholders of the Fobos platform. As the Fobos platform is focused on NFT, we chose financing through the Defi token. Our goal is for the community around the Fobos token to participate in the development and success of Fobos platforms.

About fobos platform.

FOBOS is a platform that provides seamless solution for trading NFTs to retail investors. The FOBOS platform provides its customers with competitive price negotiation and promotion of its projects through a simple online platform, as well as a solution for the safekeeping of their NFTs. The FOBOS platform was founded by established IT entrepreneurs from Russia, France and the Czech Republic, who came together to bring to market a better, more transparent and more cost-effective alternative to trading on the NFT market. Visit us at https://t.me/fobostoken. where you will find more information about upcoming news and investment opportunities through the FOBOS Token.

The Tokenomics

A few facts about Fobos Token

Contract address: 0x99f3F0eaCAf8B137041fE35F9DE85eE50fBf7638

Automatic LP

Every trade contributes towards automatically generating liquidity that goes into multiple pools used by exchange.s

5% Tax Fee

5% of every transaction is redistributed to all holders based on how much Fobos Token they hold.

Passive Rewards

Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection as they watch their balance of SafeMoon grow indefinitely.

* Supply invested in presell + public offer for Pancake swap
* Supply intended to finance the development of the Fobos Platform
* Supply intended to fund marketing for the Fobos Platform and Fobos Token for maximum marketing impact


Many cryptocurrency projects out there do not really care where the nature demand for their tokens would come from. Fobos platform and Fobos token are designed to grow together. More users for the services would mean more natural demand for the Fobos token as well

1st phase

2020 - 2021

Start developing the Fobos platform

In the beginning, the idea was to bring ordinary people closer to the opportunity to sell their works of art through a simple and clear platform. That's why we, as fans of the Crypto world, teamed up and started designing and developing the Fobos platform.

Five developers from France and the Czech Republic and Russia came together and the development of the core application began.

At the end of 2020, we had the core and all the necessary connections to the BSC, ETH and NFTs networks ready.

After a long period of testing, the development of the server part of the Platform and the development of the mobile application for the Android system began.

2nd phase

3. Quarter 2021

Launch of the Fobos Token

Scheduled launch of Fobos token.

Launch of the Fobos Token website

The Fobos token will be distributed among investors in advance, so they will be directly involved in the Fobos Platform project

Launch of a token on PankakeSwap

Launch of the Fobos platform page where the platform with its features and services will be presented.

The first round of Fobos Token marketing promotion.

3rd phase

4. Quarter 2021

Launch of the Fobos Platform demo

Launch of demo for mobile application Fobos Platform

Development of mobile application for iOS.

Increase investment in platform and Token marketing with influencers, youtube, instagram, twitter and TikTok.

4th phase

Year 2022

End of development and final launch of the Fobos platform

The Fobos platform will be launched on Google Play and the Apple Store

Fobos platform web site. Launch the Fobos platform to access from a web browser.

Fobos Platform Services

NFT is still unknown to ordinary people, so we are trying to get closer to them with the help of the Fobos Platform. Our goal is to provide the NFT market not only to people with knowledge of the crypto market but also ordinary artists, programmers and producers of marketing or photo video content.

For investors of this Fobos token we want to introduce several features that will be provided by the Fobos Platform:

A simple platform

Selling NTFs will be easy even for people who do not understand NTFs and cryptocurrencies. All payments will be made with your credit card and your work will become a game.

Sale of software copyrights

Software developers will be able to sell copyrights to their projects or source code via the Fobos platform.

Pricing and help from the community

Use the Phobos community to help you promote your work, choose a fair price or deal with any issue.


Ability to archive your collection of NTFs directly in the Fobos platform.

Not only art but also Marketing content

Users will also be able to sell a unique content for marketing use, such as videos or photos.

Are you a photographer?

Take a photo and offer it to collectors from all over the world.